Twitter Account Suspended(Fixed-2023)

Twitter Account Suspended

Experiencing “Something Went Wrong” whenever using Twitter or posting something on Twitter? It is because Twitter suspends or limits your account. It can be frustrating sometimes. There are several reasons because of which Twitter do so. We will have a look on all those reasons and their solutions in detail in this guide.

The reasons because of which Twitter suspends your account can be

  • Spam
  • Abusive Behaviour
  • Violation of Twitter Policies
  • Unauthentic Content
  • Safety & Privacy Reasons

It is also possible sometimes that Twitter suspends your account without any reason. We’ll make you learn how to address those suspensions if it occurs to you and what steps you can perform to avoid those account suspensions for no reasons. This guide is beneficial for you all whether you are using Twitter just for social networking or for the promotion of your business.

Reasons “Why Twitter Account gets Suspended”

It is important to know the reasons first that why your Twitter account get suspended before reaching to the solutions to recover the account from suspension. Some pop-up messages that appears on your screen when your Twitter account gets suspended are:

  • Your account has been suspended for violating the Twitter Rules
  • Your account has been suspended due to suspicious activity
  • Your account has been suspended due to security purposes
  • Your account has been suspended due to spam or abusive behaviour

Let’s have a look on some more reasons behind Twitter Account Suspension in detail:

1. Fake Engagements

Twitter has fully-functioned and automated system to detect the policies being violated. Twitter immediately suspends your account if you do any kind of fake engagements like buying and selling of tweets, likes, comments, followers and retweets. This is completely against Twitter’s Terms and Conditions.

2. Spamming and Misleading

Anyone engaging in spammy and misleading activities on Twitter is also considered among one of the reasons why Twitter account gets suspended. These spammy and misleading activities include:

  1. Mass-following over Twitter
  2. Posting duplicate content
  3. Sending people unasked DMs with spammy website links
  4. Replies, mentions and DMs in bulk
  5. Posting same content again and again over Twitter
  6. Creating multiple accounts and retweeting them multiple times
  7. Use of excess and unrelated hashtags
  8. Using misleading tactics to increase engagement
  9. Spreading false information about government, politics and public health.

3. Illegal Activities

Performing illegal activities over Twitter can also to the suspension of your Twitter account. Twitter has its policies restricted to some extent and if they are violated anytime then Twitter can take serious actions against them. Illegal activities over Twitter includes sharing copyrighted content, engaging in hate speech that can be illegal in other countries, violating the terms and conditions of Twitter and its local laws and regulations, etc

4. No Authenticity

Twitter expects truth and aunthenticity from the content that users share on it. If you steal someone’s privacy or personal details to make your own content true and authentic then it will be counted as a violating activity which will thus suspend your Twitter account.

5. Safety & Privacy Reasons

Twitter provides a safe platform to share your message or any information you want to. But if people there are harassed or abused in any manner then the safe environment of Twitter gets violated. You don’t have any right to steal someone’s private information or identity without their consent. You are not allowed to threaten or abuse anyone in order to gain information. Your tweets, retweets or comments should not fall in the category of violence, harassment, hate, self-harm, etc.

If Twitter suspends your account, they will provide you with the reason for the suspension through an email notification or in-app notification. This notification should explain which policy or guideline you violated.

If you have not received a notification or are unsure about the reason for your account suspension, You may want to reach out to Twitter’s support team for assistance. You can contact Twitter’s support team by visiting the Twitter Help Center or by tweeting to the Twitter Support account. They should be able to provide you with more information about your account suspension and help you understand the reason behind it

How Long Do Twitter Suspensions Last

The length of a Twitter suspension can vary depending on the severity of the violation and the number of previous violations. The minimum suspension period is typically 12 hours, but suspensions can last for several days or even permanently if the violation is severe or if the account has multiple violations.

To increase the chances of Twitter reinstating your account, you can follow these steps and demonstrate your willingness to comply with Twitter’s policies and guidelines.

If your account has been suspended, you should receive a notification from Twitter explaining the duration of the suspension. If you are unsure about the duration of your suspension or have questions about the suspension process, you can reach out to Twitter’s support team for assistance.

How to avoid Twitter Account from Suspending?”

If you are worries about Twitter Account Suspension and want to get rid of it, we are here to help you out. Follow the information given below on how to prevent your Twitter account from getting suspended:

1. Careful while posting Sensitive Content

You Should be careful while posting sensitive content on Twitter whether you are running an individual page or a business page on Twitter. Twitter can ban or suspend any account containing sensitive content which is harming society or its people in any sort of manner.

2. Not to Spam People

Try not to spam people over Twitter. Spamming anyone on Twitter can lead to suspending your account. Sending loads of messages, annoying them, etc are spammy activities which make them report your account on Twitter. If you continue this behaviour, Twitter permanently deactivates or deletes your account

3. Use of Hashtags

Make use of hashtags properly over Twitter. Using right hashtags on your posts will make you reach right community. Also, don’t post too many of them. But, if you use wrong hashtags, it will make you look spammy and fake. You should not use those hashtags which irrelevant to your post just because they are trending. This is the wrong behaviour according to Twitter which lead to account suspension.

4. Follow Rules and Guidelines

Twitter has certain rules, laws and guidelines which should be followed by everyone on Twitter. You should keep in mind all of its guidelines in order to get rid of account suspension. These guidelines includes

  • Don’t Make Offensive Comments
  • You Shouldn’t Harass Others
  • Don’t Promote Illegal Activities
  • In any way or form don’t Promote Violence or Terrorism
  • Don’t Promote Suicide or Self-Harm
  • Posting Adult Content is not Allowed  
  • Don’t Spread Misinformation
  • Don’t Spread Manipulated Media such as Deepfakes

5. Don’t Use Fake Accounts

You can have multiple accounts on Twitter but not the fake ones. Using fake accounts to promote anything on Twitter is also an offence and can lead to the suspension your Twitter account.

6. Be Active

Being inactive for a longer period of time on Twitter can also ban or suspend your account. If you are inactive for more than 6 months then Twitter will deactivate or suspend your account. Just retweeting once in a while or having any sort of interaction over Twitter show your status as “active” on Twitter.

7. Don’t Send Automated Direct Messages

Automated Direct Messages are basically mass amount of messages which are sent at a same time to number of people which is considered as spam on Twitter. Usually such messages are sent by bots which is not a human activity thus leading to the suspension your Twitter Account.

It’s important for everyone to note when Twitter’s decision to suspend an account is final, there is no guarantee that your account will be unsuspended any time. However, by following these steps discussed above, you can increase the chances of maintaining your presence on Twitter. You have to contact Twitter Support at last in case of reactivating your account.


Q: Why was my Twitter account suspended?

A: Twitter may suspend accounts for various reasons such as violating Twitter’s policies and guidelines. Engaging in spammy or abusive behaviour, impersonating someone else, or violating copyright laws.

Q: How do I know the reason for my account suspension?

A: Twitter will typically send an email or an in-app notification explaining the reason for your account suspension.

Q: How long does a Twitter account suspension last?

A: The length of a Twitter suspension can vary depending on the severity of the violation and the number of previous violations. The minimum suspension period is typically 12 hours. But suspensions can last for several days or even permanently if the violation is severe or if the account has multiple violations.


If your Twitter account has been suspended. It’s important to first understand the reason for the suspension by checking the email or in-app notification from Twitter. Once you understand the reason for the suspension. You can file an appeal or contact Twitter support for assistance in un-suspending your account. It’s important to be patient during the appeals process and to refrain from creating a new account or violating any other policies or guidelines. By demonstrating that you are willing to comply with Twitter’s policies and guidelines. You can increase your chances of having your account reinstated.

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