View Protected Tweets Without Following On Twitter 

view protected tweets without following

Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms popular among its users and everyone wants their tweets to be protected so that no one can view them anonymously. The posts on Twitter are basically known as Tweets. These tweets are of two types which can be viewed and followed on Twitter by various users. 

  • Public Tweets
  • Protected Tweets 

Public Tweets: These tweets can be viewed by anyone on Twitter. People who do not have a Twitter account or who are not available on Twitter can also see these tweets and can have interaction. You’ll have Public Tweets by default after signing up on Twitter. Later on you can change it as per your preferance. 

Protected Tweets: These types of tweets are only visible to your followers. Other than your followers, no one can see, view or interact with them. You can convert public tweets into protected tweets whenever you want. 

If you make any setting for your upcoming Tweets to hide or protect them from anyone who is not on Twitter, then that setting will be applicable to your older tweets also. Only the people who are following you on Twitter can view them. 

Is it possible to view protected tweets without following on Twitter?

Some of you must be wondering or curious about how to view someone’s protected tweets if you don’t have an account on Twitter? Earlier it was not possible to view someon’s protected tweets but now there are many options or we can say tools available online with the help of which we can take an action. 

If you don’t want to follow someone and still want to have access to their activities on Twitter, we’ll make you go through a number of methods of viewing their profile, tweets and other activities without having a Twitter account in this guide.

Tools to view Protected Tweets without Following on Twitter

You can set your Twitter Account viewers according to your preference that whom you want to allow to view your tweets or limit them. Different ways to view Protected Tweets without following are:


To track or to view Private profiles, CrowdFire is a popular tool. Though you cannot view private profiles manually on Twitter without following, with the help of CrowdFire you can make it possible. You can view, track or monitor whatever account you want to on Twitter and also find saved drafts on Twitter. Follow the steps below on how to use CrowdFire:

  • You need to go to the official webpage of Crowdfire.
  • Next, you need to click on the red Get Started button.
  • Click on the Sign-in button.
  • Then log in with your Twitter account on Crowdfire by entering the login credentials correctly.
crowdfire log in
  • Now, you’ll need to enter the username of the account whom you want to track. 
  • From the search results click on the account to track its activities.
protected tweets of non followers


You can use Hootsuite as a tool to track activities over Twitter. Hootsuite helps in viewing Protected tweets, private profiles, etc on Twitter by following some steps:

  • First, go to the official Hootsuite website.
  • Then, find the option to Get Started and click on it.
  • Click on Sign In and log in with your Twitter account by entering your login credentials correctly.
  • Now, you can search for a Twitter profile using the search bar in your Hootsuite dashboard. 
protected tweets on hootsuite


xMobi is an app used for viewing protected tweets. You can also use it for other social media platforms like Instagram. This app is basically a hacking tool for Twitter and its activities that helps you view private profiles, protected tweets, etc. By using this tool, you can hack anyone’s Twitter Account. You need to enter the username of the person or profile you want to view to see their protected tweets. 



If someone has blocked you and you don’t have access to their tweets, you can use uMobix to keep track of everything that happens on their profile. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.This is a useful tool to check or view someone’s private account and their protected tweets easily.


Use of “Proxy” to view protected tweets 

To use a proxy is one of the simple ways to see a person’s profile without having to follow the person. ProxySite is an example of such tools. In this you gain a different IP address through which you can anonymously check other people’s Twitter profiles and their tweets.

Using a Fake Twitter ID 

If you want to view someone’s protected tweets but don’t want that person to know, you can use a fake Twitter ID. With the help of fake Twitter ID, viewing private profiles and their protected tweets becomes easy.You can easily have a look into their day to day activities without letting them know. 

Private Twitter Viewer 

Private Twitter Viewer is a free online tool that helps you to see protected tweets on Twitter without following the person.You just have to enter the username in the given box on its page and you will have access to the activities on the Twitter page. Here are some steps to use this application: 

  • Choose the application which is safe to use according to their operating system.
  • Download the application from Play Store or App Store. Also make sure your device is free from viruses before downloading the app. 
  • Create an account before using the app’ services as some apps may require subscriptions first. 
  • Choose which Twitter Account you want to view. Insert the profile’s username and other details whatever the app is asking.
  • Receive the Information.


Are private profile viewer apps safe to use? 

Some reputable apps are safe but some are not. Your information will be free from risk if you choose an application with good reviews. 

Are Twitter private profile viewer applications compatible with all platforms and devices?

The compatibility of private profile viewer applications varies according to the app and its development. 

Some applications may be compatible for viewing private profiles and protected tweets with various devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, and web browsers. 

Does the Protected Tweets Mean Private? 

If your tweets are protected then it means that only the people who follow your Twitter account would be able to view the tweets. Your protected tweets won’t be available publicly on Twitter. Only the users who choose to follow your account can view your protected tweets. Your followers can share your protected tweets too. 

Will anyone see my Tweets if I have no followers? 

If your account is public and you’ve zero followers, it will be visible to others even if they don’t follow your Twitter account. If you don’t want others to see your tweets change your public Twitter profile to private.


As we have mentioned above in our article, there are various ways and tools to View Protected Tweets Without Following On Twitter. But still, some tools are safe and some are not. If you are curious enough to know how to view private profiles or protected tweets on Twitter then you can take help of these tools and apps which we have discussed above. 

However, these are not the ethical ways to see or view protected tweets over Twitter. You can have an account on Twitter and follow them to view their activities on Twitter. 

Therefore, it is possible to View Protected Tweets Without Following Them On Twitter with the help of third-party apps, tools, websites and methods.

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