Pinterest is a social media platform and visual discovery tool that allows users to discover and save ideas for various topics. Such as fashion, home decor, recipes, travel destinations, and more. It is often described as a virtual pinboard or bulletin board where users can “pin”. Save images and videos onto personalized collections known as “boards.”

Users can create boards based on their interests and curate them by saving or “pinning” content from other users or external websites. Each pin typically consists of an image or video along with a brief description. Users can click on the pin to view the original source or website it was saved from.

One of the key features of Pinterest is its visual nature. Allowing users to explore and discover content through images, which can be particularly useful for finding inspiration or ideas for various projects or hobbies. The platform also provides recommendations based on user’s interests and past interactions.

Pinterest is available as a website and as mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Enabling users to access and use the platform from different devices.